Titanic: $ 2.187 billionThe Titanic is a romantic disaster film, directed by writer, screenwriter, co-producer and co-editor James Cameron. This movie is about the sinking of the Titanic. In this, Kate Winslet is in the role of Rose Divit Buchater and Leonardo DiCaprio Jack Dawson. Both of these characters belong to two different social classes, who love each other and they both are travelers on that unfortunate ship. Although these two main characters and their love stories are fictional, some characters, such as some members of the ship crew) are based on real historical events. Gloria Stewart has paid an elderly daily story telling story in the current context.

Star Wars The Force Awakens: $ 2.068 billion

Jurassic World: 1.672 billion dollars

Avengers: $ 1.519 billion

This movie has earned more than half-a-million million at the box office for the first time in the country. Looking at this, Multiplex owners and C Class Centers have kept more shows of this movie. Talking about the movie, José Weiden has taken full care of his USP like latest technology, graphics and sets in this movie, just like the Avengers 1. Graphics are so great that it puts you in the other world.

Furious 7: 1.516 billion dollars

The seventh part of the Fast and Furious series is released as ‘Furious 7’. In Hindi, it has been released as ‘Passion of Passion’. Given the popularity of this series in India, ‘Furious 7’ was released in the first ‘B’ and ‘Sea’ centers on the same day.

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