Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science which deal with creation of machines or software , which have the mind like human , which can understand and can react on different situation and which can develop it self .

Artificial intelligence in web applications

Using AI in web applications we can make such software or applications which can deal with complex problems and find the solution in a more human-like fashion. one of the simplest example of this is the chess software which can be played by computers .

Using Artificial intelligence we can build such tools which can build web site itself and then keep enhancing thing accordingly from data it gather from different available sources and how the site is being used . One such example available in todays world is The Grid , It is the first artificially intelligent website-design tool, which develop website itself by the data user give it and afterwards it keep enhancing itself accordingly and produce result which can be efficiently present to the user on the Web .

How Artificial intelligence web applications is built

To Build a AI enabled Web tool we have to bind together lots of available data to the algorithm model like genetic algorithms . The algorithm compares the stored information and decides what the information signifies . Like a genetic algorithm which is written for solving an equation which keeps re-running itself, and on each run it enhance the precision of the result and thus it keep learning from its mistakes . AI works on different logic’s, they are not like other programing language . some of the language which can be used for developing artificial intelligence system are IPL, Lisp, Prolog, STRIPS, Planner, POP-11 etc .

Now on finishing note I want to say that Artificial intelligence is all over around us and it is touching our life in one or other way , From google Now to apple Siri , from Industrial robots to self driving car Artificial intelligence is there .No matter in what mean and what extent but it is definitely here and is slowly growing with us and those days are not far when we will totally rely on such intelligence systems .

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