If you have a Samsung branded Android smartphone or tablet, then, for sure, you have been needed to use the Odin tool for performing several operations, like updating or rooting the system. Well, since there are users who aren’t used with these kinds of procedures, during this tutorial I will show you how to use Odin when trying to flash an official update or when trying to root your Android handset. Both methods are similar, but for being able to properly complete the same, you will have to know exactly what to do and that’s why you should read the following lines.

Odin is a complex app that is free distributed (you don’t have to pay anything for being able to download the tool) and designed to work only on Samsung branded devices: smartphones and tablets. Why? Well, actually, Odin has been developed by Samsung itself so you can figure out why you can’t use this tool on other handsets. Don’t worry though as each company is offering its own version of “Odin”, you just have to use the proper service.

Now, Odin is an official app that can be used on both official and unofficial procedures. By using Odin you can manually install Android updates and stock firmwares – usually the OTA software is offered in limited markets, or in phases, so if you want to rush things up you can apply the firmware manually, by using Odin. Also, if you have a rooted tablet or phone, you will not be able to receive and flash OTA updates, therefore Odin will be necessarily. Furthermore, as already mentioned, Odin can also be used when trying to root your Samsung device, the root operation being in this case similar with the update one.

So, here is what you should know by now:

  • Odin is a free distributed app developed and offered by Samsung.
  • Therefore, you can use Odin only on Android Samsung smartphones and tablets.
  • Odin is an official tool that can be used on both official and unofficial procedures.
  • You can use Odin if you want to manually update your handset (with stock and official ROMs) or if you want to gain root access over the same.

Considering the up mentioned lines, we can conclude further aspects:

  • By using Odin you will not void the warranty of your device – if you will use the tool on updating operations.
  • On the other hand, if you will use Odin for gaining root access, then the warranty will get lost. You can regain the warranty by downgrading / updating to stock / official Android software – again you can do that via Odin.
  • Don’t worry, the update operations can be completed on both rooted and unrooted handsets; do note that if you have rooted your Android device before using Odin, after flashing the stock / official update, the root access will be revoked.

Even though Odin is an official tool, before using the app you need to properly prepare your phone or else you might brick or damage the system of your gadget. So, for avoiding the unpleasant situations, before applying anything on your handset, complete the next section of this step by step guide:

How to prepare your Samsung Android device for the Root / Update Operation

  • First of all, as you might know, when performing manual procedures, you shouldn’t forget to backup the data which has been saved on the internal storage memory of your Android device.
  • You should take care of everything that’s important to you, as during the update or root operation, your personal information might get corrupted or wiped out.
  • Also, you should save the current firmware as you might need to restore it back – for that you can apply a Nandroid backup.
  • Then, Odin can run only on a Windows based computer or notebook, so you must have access to a personal computer.
  • In some cases, if on the computer are installed security tools, the programs are interfering with Odin; so if you want, you can temporarily deactivate the security protection.
  • Also, you will have to connect your Samsung handset with the computer which means that you will have to use the phone’s USB cable.
  • Furthermore, for properly connecting the devices, you will first have to enable the USB debugging option on your tablet / smartphone.
  • The update / root method will take a couple of minutes, which means that your device might get turned off in the middle of the procedure; in order to avoid that, charge your handset first – do that especially if you notice that your handset has less than 60% power left.
  • You need to install your device’s drivers on the computer. As you know you can get the drivers manually, or you can use Samsung KIES (another tool developed by Samsung) for automatically flash the drivers.

Well done; now you know how to properly prepare your Android Samsung smartphone / tablet for the update / root operation, which means that you can safely use Odin now.

How to Update and Root your Android Samsung device with Odin (tutorial)

  1. First you need to download Odin on your computer (you can get the file from the web, also we will bring a download post soon).
  2. Then, you will have to get the update / stock / root package on your computer.
  3. Next, unzip all the files on your computer.
  4. Install Odin and then launch the program.
  5. You must turn off you Android device.
  6. Then, you must boot your handset into download mode – see this step by step guide.
  7. Next, you need to connect your smartphone / tablet with the computer; of course use the USB cable.
  8. Odin must notice that you have connected your gadget, so on the tool you must see the “added” message displayed along with the ID:COM section which now should be yellow or blue.
  9. In case you don’t notice the mentioned aspects, then you will have to start all over meaning that you must disconnect the devices, close Odin, reinstall the drivers and repeat the update / root process from the beginning.
  10. As soon as everything is working as explained, you should select the “pda” option from Odin.
  11. Next, you will be able to select / pick the update / root file from your computer – do that.
  12. On Odin the Re-partition box should remain unchecked (if it is checked, uncheck the same).
  13. Select “start” from Odin and wait while your phone is being updated or rooted.
  14. Finally, when the installation procedure is over on Odin you will see the “pass” message displayed.
  15. Unplug the USB cord and reboot your Android device.

Now, there are some cases in which Odin might get stuck, or in which your handset might get stuck in a boot loop. Well, if that happens, follow the next section of this step by step guide / tutorial.


First, let’s see how to resolve the issues related to Odin:

  • Close Odin.
  • Remove the USB cable and disconnect your gadget from the computer.
  • You need to force restart your device: usually by removing the battery; wait a few seconds and then reinsert the battery.
  • Also, you need to reinstall the drivers on your PC.
  • Then, all you have to do is to repeat the update / root operation from the beginning.

Next, let’s notice how to resolve the issues related to your device.

  • If your handset will encounter a boot loop issue, you will have to reboot it into recovery mode (see the guide from above – from how to boot into download mode).
  • Once you have entered recovery mode you need to use the menu for wiping the system.
  • For a proper wipe select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  • Return to recovery menu – select “+++go back+++”.
  • And reboot your handset by choosing “reboot system now”.

That was it, now you know how to use Odin when trying to update or root your Android based Samsung smartphone / tablet. Don’t hesitate and contact us for any other problem or for further guidelines.

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