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4 Techniques for Writing Better Java language

Day-in and day-out, most of the Java we write uses a small fraction of the capability of the language's full suite of possibilities. Each Stream we instantiate and each @Autowired annotation we prefix to our...
About Interesting things -What Is Python ?

About Interesting things -What Is Python ?

What Is Python? The Python programming language is freely available and makes solving a computer problem almost as easy as writing out your thoughts about the solution. The code can be written...
How to Run Python and Ruby on Heroku with Multiple Buildpacks

How to Run Python and Ruby on Heroku with Multiple Buildpacks

One of my mentees here in encountered a problem while running Python and Ruby together on Heroku. That session inspired me to write this tutorial—how to run more than one environment on Heroku. PROBLEM The project was working in Cloud9 without...
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learned from attempt of dockerizing Ruby on Rails app

Docker impressed me since first time I’ve heard about it on local development conference. Few years passed while I’ve tried this by myself. Here is a story of my experience with Docker...
How to Fix iPhone Headphone Jack Problems

How to Fix iPhone Headphone Jack Problems

If you're not hearing music or phone calls through the headphones connected to your iPhone, you may be worried your headphone jack is broken. And it could be. Audio not playing through the headphones...


Netanyahu gears up for meetings with Donald Trump, world leaders

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to meet a series of world leaders here this week, in addition to his much-anticipated powwow with US...

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