Two Wheel vehicle manufacturer Royal Enfield Bullet has been given the look of the racing bike by Rajputana Customs. Every non-essential component has been removed from this bike.In the modification of the bike, a total expenditure of Rs 4.25 lakh has been exposed. There is a separate diner bike cost. Considering the report, it took 12 weeks to prepare it.

To prevent the biking, the telescope has been given fork in the bike. Apart from this, there are tracker handlebars in it. Head light slim and sold type fender has been given.

To reduce weight in the bike, grill shifter is also grilled. The bike is painted in 18-inch Spock Wells with the color of black color. Its track has been Rapid from the 120 Section Front.

On the last wheel, Heidenau K60 Scout is wrapped with 130 sections of rubber. Neil and silver paint skim are placed on the off-road-style side number plates in the tank. Royal Enfield bullet generates BAHP power for power, generates maximum torque 41.3 at 4,000 rpm and 5-speed transmissions to wheels.

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