Apple rolled out their first ever iPhone on January 9, 2007 and we can say it was the step that changed the world of technology. IPhone changed the way people used their mobile phones forever. It came with the best in class hardware and a never before software system.

IPhone – 1st generation

This exact mobile phone rippled the entire technology of mobile phone manufacturing and usage. Apple iPhone’s don’t actually offer the same level of optimisation that Android phones can offer. But iPhone comes with a perfect combination between sleek hardware and software making it a dream phone for its users.
Now, let’s check the pros and cons of iPhone.
Pricing: Apple iPhones always come with a heavy price tag making them a mere dream for most people, whereas android phones come with an economical price tag making them easily accessible to many.
Hardware: Apple are always known for their repetitive design. They don’t try to show much variation from one model to another. But they provide you with top quality material which gives a rich look to the iPhone.
Software: Iphones run on a software that is designed and run by Apple themselves. Everything related to iPhone is special and are way ahead of normal phones. IOS(iPhone operating system) has a peculiar structure that makes iphones addictive to people using them.
Apple have rolled out a new version of every year consecutively for the past 7 years and this time its all set to realease their iconic anniversary iPhone and is the 8th version of the world famous iPhone.
The last version of iPhone released by apple is iPhone 7 which had many changes from previous versions of iPhone. It featured a larger screen and better camera than iPhone 6.

                        IPhone 8

This iconic iPhone is all set to release by the later half of this month(September) and is tipped to be the best version of iPhone ever released.
People around the world are eagerly waiting for the release date, so are we!

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