Today we  present to you the ultimate guide to root any xiaomi phone irrespective of its rom version. A new thread has to be made for every phone and rom. and sometimes even it doesnt work which is annoying. so there was a need for this thread as new roms come every week and you need more native root files to root your phone. so shall we begin ? we are going to use super su, and a custom recovery to root dont worry we will only boot to recovery and not flash a custom recovery. you can use other root such as kingroot package also. and also you have to install mi flash

How to Root

1. Begin by downloading super su here (3.83 MB, Downloads: 11943)

2. Get the recovery from below
Note: These are not flashable zip extract the .zip ang get the .img file

Mi Note (not for note pro) (10.48 MB, Downloads: 1658)

Mi Note Pro (yes this is for the pro one)

Mi 4/ Mi3

Mi 4i (14.98 MB, Downloads: 981)


Redmi 2
HM2014811(HM2014818,HM2014817…) (11.13 MB, Downloads: 2072)
HM2014813 (11.13 MB, Downloads: 727)

Mi Pad (11.5 MB, Downloads: 131)

Redmi Note 4G or try CWM

Redmi Note 3G
note (11.2 MB, Downloads: 1838)

Redmi 1s (11.48 MB, Downloads: 772)

Mi 2/2s

Mi 1/1s

3. After you download super su and the recovery for your device copy the super su zip to sd card.And copy the recovery img file to  C:\Program Files (x86)\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Google\Android\  and rename your recovery image file as recovery.img.

4. Then shutdown the phone. Enter fast boot mode by pressing volume down + power. and you should see something like this

5. Now go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Google\Android\  press shift+right click and select open command windows here

6. now type

  1. fastboot devices

Copy the Code

you should see something like this

  1. 495a9737                    fastboot

Copy the Code

7. now type

  1. fastboot boot recovery.img

Copy the Code

and the result will be like this

and you will enter twrp recovery, so from here you know what to do.

8. Just tap Install and navigate to your sd card and select the swipe the button below and super su will be falshed. and now you will have root access. Enjoy!

If you want to unroot  

1. Go to super su app
2. Navigate to settings scroll down and select full unroot.

This method works with every device and every rom provided you boot into the correct recovery.
This is probably the safest method as booting to recovery doesnt do any damage.

Thanks to all the moderators and also to many other users who have helped me to get the recovery images

  • Special Thanks to: @sepneela @Skidanonymous,@marcus_keong for their threads and Recoveries used in this thread !
  • TWRP and Xda for reference!
  • Redmi 2 Mods for their support and guidance!

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