After the social network facebook got the most popularity over internet it is also getting attention of black hat hackers. Because hackers want to go there where peoples are crowded. So far I told there are many methods to hacking online accounts including phishing, keylogging, password decrypting. I also how fake facebook login page are used to hack facebook passwords. Another I shared about automatically getting notification via email when a hacker or someone logins to your facebook account.

What is Facebook Freezer ?

Today I am going to share about an interesting facebook hacking kit for windows which is named “Facebook Freezer“. This is called facebook freezer because it freezes your facebook account! How? Facebook Freezer software helps to hack Facebook account as it constantly tries to login to victim Facebook account by random password and thus, his Facebook account is locked. Thus, even when victim tries to login his Facebook account using correct password, he is not able to login to his Facebook account due to entering wrong password several times, thus you can hack Facebook account thanks to Facebook Freezer. Actually Facebook has security feature in which after 25 or so logins the account is temporarily disabled,to enable the account the account owner must reset his/her account.

So it’s not actually hacking facebook accounts or passwords. It prevents the user from logging to his/her facebook account.

How Facebook Freezer is used to Hack Facebook accounts ?

For test you can download this hacking application from 4shared from here(link removed). Then run. This is only for windows. After running enter the victim’s email address with which his/her facebook account is associated.

enter victim's email address and click on freez

enter victim’s email address and click on freeze

After clicking on freeze, it will start to freeze the victim’s account thus he will not actually login to his account.

How to Protect your Facebook Account from such Facebook freezer ?

Facebook Freezer used your email address that you used in your facebook account to make it able to freeze your account. Thus, to avoid this kind of blackhat / illegal activities, just don’t reveal your email address of your facebook, or used others email address in your profile of facebook instead of the “real” email account of facebook.
Another tricks / understanding that might be works (in deed, it works in Yahoo System Password), staying online in facebook might make the Facebook Freezer not worked. It could be FacebookAccount Lock works if you are in “log out” / not online at Facebook.

What to do if you already got affected by facebook freezer?
Simple just make reset password that you been prompted by facebook. The reset password would be sent to your email account and then you can access your account of fb by those reset password . So, nothing to worry about this facebook freezer.

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