2017 Primetime Emmy Awards host Stephen Colbert couldn’t be more clear about his intentions prior to the Sunday broadcast of the awards show if he wrote them on billboards across America.

There will be plenty bashing of President Donald Trump.

Bottom line, Trump supporters: consider yourselves forewarned — straight from the horse’s mouth — as reported by Variety.

Colbert claims the show won’t be a “political monologue” (wink-wink):

“We are storytellers. The story we are telling is what happened on television this year.

It’s not a political monologue, but you can’t keep politics out of it, because politics was the biggest TV story this year. […] The TV star of the year is Donald Trump.”

Colbert’s pre-show comments have not gone unnoticed by Trump supporters and other Republicans alike.

Incidentally, in the slim chance you’re unaware, Colbert is a seasoned veteran in the skillful art of Trump bashing.

There was the time he slammed both Trump and his Cabinet, suggesting the president has a “check your balls at the door” policy prior to every Cabinet meeting.

And who could forget his disparaging “interview” with a fake Melania Trump? Or the time he called the Trump presidency a “disgrace to the nation.”

But “best” of all, of course, was Colbert’s lewd sexual reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the “only thing” Trump’s “mouth is good for.”

Yeah, tonight’s Emmys program might not be a “political monologue,” but it’ll most likely be damn close. And Stephen Colbert won’t be the Lone Ranger.

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