There are so many useful apps available in Google Playstore but unfortunately, they are not free and we have to pay for them in order to install them. Another thing is that we all love Apps and want to access them without paying for them…isn’t?
No doubt Google Playstore is one of the biggest store for android apps but there are certain app store that can provide paid apps for free or there are certain ways to download Paid Apps for Free.
How to download paid apps for free
So in this guide I will be telling you how you can download paid android apps for free without rooting your phone .
Before going through the list of Apps you should allow third party app installation on your Mobile devices as by default Google Play store doesn’t allow installation of apps from other store’s.To do that follow the instruction given below.
Go to Menu >> Settings >> Security.
Check on “Unknown Sources” (Allow installation of non-Market apps).
Security Change
You will now be able to download and install apps from third-party App Markets and other apk packages.

1. Aptoide

It is the best alternative to Google Play store offering thousands of Paid Apps for Free. This app doesn’t host android apps themselves but let other user’s to upload applications.This app also make sure that the apps are 100% safe and doesn’t contain any any malicious code or content as it verifies all the apps before displaying it on their app.Here you can find many other apps also which were discontinued from Google Play store.The app also supports several different languages as well!
AptoideGet Aptoide : Aptoide

2. BlackMart

Blackmart is another excellent alternative to Google Playstore for smartphones and tablets with android operating system.From Blackmart you will be able to download many apps without any registration.There are many paid apps that can be found on Blackmart for Free.In this app one common user shares all the data files and apk of the premium app so that other users can also download them.So if you want to download paid apps for free then Blackmart will for surely find you the app for free.
Get BlackMart: BlackMart

3. App Gratis

It is a wonderful app that offers one app a day.Each app is hand-picked, reviewed and tested so there are chances that the app is cool and worthwhile. There are no offers to complete or no surveys to get the app all you have to do is that wait for the morning and it will greet you by another new app for free only that day! Or you can also visit Appgratis site to download paid apps for free.The app supports both android and iOS with multiple language support as well!App Gratis
Get App Gratis: App Gratis

4. Antiroid

It is an app store with a twist .Instead of providing apps for free, this app store provides free available alternates to paid apps.After selecting the alternate you will be directed to google Play store to download the app. Antiroid is really a good option if you want to download alternative for any paid apps from Google Play store.
Visit Antiroid: Antiroid

5. Google Opinion Rewards

It’s an app that allows you to complete short surveys and collect coins (Real Dollars) .You will always get paid for completing a survey and then you can convert these dollars to buy an App or books from Google Play store. The only disadvantage of this app is that the number of survey’s are not fixed you can get two survey a day or even only one survey a week :( . Beleive me Survey are really short it will take only 2-3 mins to complete themGoogle Opinion Rewards
Get Google Opinion Rewards: Google Opinion Rewards

6. Amazon Underground

If you are looking to get paid apps for free Amazon Underground will help you to get them.They are providing Paid Apps absolutely free without any charges. All you have to do is just download Amazon Underground in your android devices and start browsing the store.At first, it will be just like Amazon shopping store all you have to do is click the three lines in the top left to get the menu and click on “Apps and Games”.They will bring you to Amazon’s own Appstore within the app and you can download paid apps for free.
Amazon Underground
Get Amazon Underground: Amazon Underground
There are some legal issues regarding how these store provide paid apps for free. Some allow users to host the paid app while some app store servers are verified .The above alternatives to Google Playstore are absolutely clean and doesn’t involve risk.

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