Getting your site online nowadays has become quite the easy affair. Unlike in the past, you don’t have to part with a fortune to get your own little space on the web. Neither do you need the web development chops of a seasoned designer.

You can build your own WordPress site in a matter of minutes just by clicking a few buttons. That’s right, you needn’t break a sweat, and today we’re showing you how easy it is to create professional websites using a relatively new service known as Themecloud.

Cool? Okay, that’s that. Now let’s get you started.

What is Themecloud?


Themecloud is primarily a cloud-based managed WordPress host based in Paris, France. They use the technology to provide “…a WordPress hosting platform that takes speed, function and security to a whole new level.”

But Themecloud isn’t just a managed WordPress host; they go an extra mile by eliminating the hassle of setting up a WordPress site. Think of it as a better (and cheaper) version of in that it allows you to install custom themes and plugins.

In other words, Themecloud combines self-hosted WordPress and managed hosting into one service, while eliminating the tedious work of setting up a site.


Are you with me? Let’s now build you a website using Themecloud.

How to Create a WordPress Site Using Themecloud

Creating a WordPress website with Themecloud is pretty much straightforward. In a summary, all you have to do is create a user account and then just build your site in a couple of easy steps.

First and foremost, head over to and create a free user account. The process is easy; just fill in your username, email, password and prove you’re not a robot by passing the captcha test:


After this, check your email for the validation link. Click on the link to verify and activate your new account, and then login to your dashboard.

You immediately notice the tidy and responsive admin UI. At the absolute top,  you see the main navigation menu with links to the main dashboard, the Themecloud marketplace and a drop-down menu that lets you to edit your profile or logout:


The dashboard is split into three sections namely Websites where you see a list of your sites, Snapshots which is just another term for backups, and Templates which holds all the templates you create and publish to the marketplace.

Hit the New Website button to launch this popup:


You can choose to install your WordPress site from scratch or use a pre-built template from the marketplace.Notes:

  • Using a pre-built template from the Themecloud marketplace means you get an entire website, not just a theme. You get demo content, theme and plugins. You can then bend the template whichever way you will. You also get to save a lot of time since you’re not reinventing the wheel per se.
  • Some templates are free, others come at a price. All the templates are, however, from reputable theme developers such as ThemeFurnace, Athemes and KetchupThemes among others
  • After installing your site, you can upload your own WordPress theme via WordPress admin as you’d normally do i.e. navigate to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New

Moving on…

When you click Next, you are asked to choose your hosting plan.

There are four plans available, but for the purpose of this tutorial, let’s go with the free 15-day trial. Hit the Select button on the free plan and the installation process kicks in automatically. After a few seconds, you should see a popup congratulating you for the successful installation of your new site:


You can choose to learn more by clicking on the Start the Tour button, which launches a tooltip tour to get you acquainted with the service. You can skip the tour, because – between you and me – Themecloud is incredibly easy to use.

From here, just hit the Go to My Website button to see your new WordPress site in action. To access the admin area, use the Admin button. You can create quick backups using the New Snapshots button. And that’s it, there’s nothing more to it!

See? I promised you it’s as simple as  A, B, C. Anybody can create professional-looking WordPress sites with Themecloud at the drop of the hat. Even first-time amateurs who have never heard of WordPress before.

But apart from ease of use and the beautiful dashboard, what other features make Themecloud a darling of many WordPress users, beginners and pros alike?

Themecloud Features


Broadly speaking, Themecloud offers you fast website setup, top-notch managed hosting (thanks Docker) and a slew of powerful tools  that help you to propulse your website and boost productivity. Here’s what in store for you.

Tighter Security & Automatic Updates

For starters, Laurent, Alessandro, Antoine and others at Themecloud take WordPress security seriously. They’ve integrated anti-DDoS protection with their service, a feature you’ll hardly get with other hosts.

They provide a web application firewall that shields your website against SQL and XSS injections. Plus you don’t have to worry about regular updates; Themecloud performs core and plugin updates for you!

Daily Backups to Amazon s3

Additionally, they backup your site every single day on Amazon S3, which means your content is always safe in an offsite location. In case the worst happens, you can restore your site with a single click. No stress.

One-Click Restore

Should you need to restore your site, you can preview the backups before restoration ensuring you’re restoring the right version. You can even use the backup feature to duplicate your site on another domain, which is a great plus if you ask me.

Scalability & Speed

Themecloud is scalable, which means your site won’t crash when you experience traffic spikes. Scalability aside, every site you create using Themecloud is automatically optimized for fast load speeds thanks to Google’s PageSpeed module. And since the service is cloud-based, you can log into all your websites from a central point saving you even more time wherever you are.

Beautiful Templates, FTP Access & Great Support

As we mentioned earlier, you can create your site from scratch or choose one of the beautiful templates from the marketplace. On top of that, you can access all your sites via FTP and get 24/7 support by chat or email. Themecloud team promises to reply in eight hours or less.

All these features and the great service is the secret behind these among other amazing raves:


And many more….

Themecloud Pricing


Themecloud comes in three paid packages and a free 15-day trial that lets you test the waters. You have the Personal plan that goes for $10 per month, a $30-per-month Pro pack, and the powerful Business plan that costs $80 bucks per month. Each comes with unlimited supports and its unique set of features, so choose one that’s best for your business.

You’re covered with a 90-day money back guarantee so there’s nothing to worry about. To boot, Themecloud offers you free site migration to get you up and running in no time.

Themecloud Developer & Affiliate Program

Themecloud wants to help you as well if you’re a WordPress theme author. In no time, you can create your own templates (theme + plugins + demo content) and sell them on Themecloud marketplace. It would be a great way of tapping into Themecloud’s traffic considering they just ask for a 20% commision.

That’s not all, you can offer your customers  the best demo experience. The demo sites you create allow your customers access to the backend, giving them the chance to truly experience your themes. Say goodbye to disgruntled customers looking for refunds. Furthermore, you can earn up to $430 per install using Themecloud’s one-click install option on your theme store.

Using Themecloud’s developers account, you can boost your revenue significantly, reduce support costs and stay well ahead of the competition. All this and more for free! Oh yeah, Themecloud’s developer account costs you absolutely nothing to create. Just open an account, start creating templates and earn big time.

The Affiliate Program

Then we have the affiliate program, where the juice really is. For starters, for every customer you refer to Themecloud, you get 50% of every sale. With such a commission, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

On top of that, you get free training on becoming the best affiliate. You get monthly payments, one-click social media sharing, an intuitive dashboard, and real-time reporting among other features.

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